KMA Farali Khakhra, Special Khakhra for Vrat, Upwas & Fasting Purpose

A Delicious Way to Celebrate Fast Days: KMA Farali Khakhra!

Fasting is an important part of many religious traditions, and the practice of abstaining from certain foods is often viewed as a spiritual journey. But that doesn't mean that fasting has to be boring or tasteless. When it comes to fast days, KMA Farali Khakhra offers a delicious way to celebrate without sacrificing flavor.


KMA Farali Khakhra is a special kind of Indian cracker made from a combination of mixed flours and spices. This tasty treat is perfect for those who are observing fasts but still want something flavorful and enjoyable to eat. Unlike some other snacks, KMA Farali Khakhra is low in fat, sugar, and calories. Also, it contains 0% Cholesterol & 0% Transfat. So you can feel good about indulging in this delicious snack while still following your fasting guidelines.


KMA Farali Khakhra makes fasting more fun and delightful by offering a tasty snack option that fits within the guidelines of most religious fasts. Whether you're observing a Hindu fast day or just looking for an interesting way to switch up your snacking routine, KMA Farali Khakhra is an excellent choice!


KMA Farali Khakhra, a gluten-free, multi-grain khakhra specially made for fasting days. This delicious snack is perfect for those looking to add some variety and flavor to their fasts. KMA Farali Khakhra is made with a special blend of ingredients that are both healthy and tasty.


KMA Farali Khakhra contains Rajgira Flour (Amaranth Flour), Singoda Flour (Water Chestnut Flour), Samo Flour (Sawa Millet Flour), Sabudana Flour (Tapioca Flour), Oil, Sugar, Ginger, Salt, Green Chilli. These ingredients give the khakhra an amazing flavor that is both savory and spicy at the same time.


Nutrient Rich

KMA Farali Khakhra is made with a combination of nutrient-rich ingredients like Rajgira, Singoda, Samo, Sabudana, Green Chilli and other spices. This makes it a wholesome snack that is full of Nutrients and dietary fibres. KMA Farali Khakhra is a Gluten Free & Multi Grain Khakhra which makes it a perfect healthy snack option.

Good for Digestion

The combination of mixed flours in KMA Farali Khakhra helps to improve digestion by maintaining the balance of bacteria in the gut. It also helps to boost immunity due to its high levels of antioxidants.

Delicious Taste

KMA Farali Khakhra has a unique taste that comes from the combination of different flours and spices used in its preparation. The crunchy texture and delicious flavor make it a great snack for any occasion, not just fast days.

Jain Khakhra

KMA Farali Khakhra does not contains Garlic or Onion in it. So, it can be also enjoy as a Jain Khakhra. It’s a perfectly tasteful snack for the people who do not eat Garlic & Onion.

Ready to Eat – Anytime Snacks

KMA Farali Khakhra is a ready to eat snack. So, you don’t need to cook or prepare anything to enjoy this delicious snack in your fast days. You can enjoy it plain or can pair with Tea, Coffee or any other beverages of your choice. So next time you’re looking for something special to enjoy during fast days or anytime you want a delicious snack - look no further than KMA Farali Khakhra!

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